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Fabian Zitta

Fabián Zitta is a design company that bases its interest in the transformation of clothing into a flexible space, creating different textures from the intervention of the textile layer. Genres ultra processed, the application of blown, pleated or non-conventional tables on unconventional molds lead to multiple dresses with retro and avant-garde imprint as well as define and conceptualize the idea of design of Fabián Zitta.


National presentations

March 2014. Winter Collection 2014. CARAVANA. Faena Art Center.
August 2013. Summer Collection 2013/14. ZAHA. Faena Art Center.
February 2013. Winter Collection 2013. OBSERVATORIO. Bafweek. Planetario de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.
August 2012. Summer Collection 2012/13. DESIERTO. Bafwekk. La Rural.
February 2012. Winter Collection 2012. MAR ADENTRO. Bafwekk. La Rural.
September 2011. Summer Collection 2011/12. SHANGAI 1930. Trendation. Hipodromo de palermo.
March 2011. Winter Collection 2011. PARIS 1920. Bs As Runway. CMD Bs As.

International presentations in the official calendar of global fashion.

September 2013. Summer Collection 2014. ZAHA. NY Fashion Week. Lincoln Center. New York. USA.
September 2012. Summer Collection 2013. DESIERTO. Milan Fashion Week. Palazzo Isimbardi. Milan. Italia.
June 2010. Summer Collection 2010. University Place. New York. USA.
September 2009. Summer Collection 2010. NY Fashion Week. Bryan Park. New York. USA.

Nominations and Awards.v

2012. Terna Best Collection Alta Costura 2012.
2012. Winner. Terna Best Collection 2012 Revista Susana.
2011. Winner. Terna Best Collection Pre Couture 2011.
2010. Terna Best Collection Pre Couture 2010.
2006. Winner. Mejor Diseñador del año. Feria Puro Diseño.


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